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    Per Diem EMS? Socal

    Anyne know of any companies that would hire Per-Deim or Once a week EMT's in Socal? Does anyone know if Doctors ambulance hires parttime?
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    Paramedic to RN bridge?

    also nursing school can be very intensive at points.. I dont know the format of exelsior, but usually you cant take breaks in between nursing school
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    Paramedic to RN bridge?

    Im going to (hopefully) start my BSN program in January.. Exelsior isnt accepted in CA, but if you have experience they might transfer your licence to CA but the BON is very strict about this and will give u hell (so ive heard) and if you want to get your MSN usually programs require 1 year...
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    NY Med on ABC

    I think its a pretty awesome show, It cool that they show multiple aspects of the hospitals (like different floors) i cant wait to start working at a hospital floor as an RN
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    Hiring (With a misdeameanor)

    Employment will be hard but not impossible, as others have said, it depends on the supply and demand of EMT's in your area.. keep applying and be agressive about it
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    Who here is going from EMT to RN?

    one thing im not looking forward in nursing school are careplans, ive heard they suck hard haha
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    Who here is going from EMT to RN?

    Keep the replies coming! Im going to apply to ADN programs, as the BSN programs here in CA are Beyond impacted and and beyond impossible to get into.. You need essentially a 3.9-4.0 GPA and need to be able to do the SAT backwards and blindfolded, be willing to sign your first born over and...
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    Who here is going from EMT to RN?

    Hey folks, i havnt posted in a while, ive been busy busy with school I just finished my Nursing Pre-Reqs (Anatomy, Physio and Micro) im currently applying to nursing schools, and hopeflly ill be accepted to one to start in spring 2013 has anyone or is anyone here doing the same thing?
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    EMT-B vs Being a Nursing Home CNA

    im currently an EMT (for 2 years), im going to be hopefully starting nursing school in the spring I currently work as an operator at a hospital and lemme tell you, nurses wont listen to anyone unless its a Doctor. being an EMT you will get really comfortable taking vitals and being around...
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    ER Tech vs Rig Work

    Im planning on volunteering at the Local ER here and try to make a name for myself.. ER Tech jobs are impossible to land here (Orange County) unless your best friends with the hospital director or you work on the inside. I plan on starting Nursing school either fall of this year or spring of...
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    Will Self-Injury disqualify me from being an EMT or anything in that field?

    If you apply for a Fire-Department or County Run EMS.. this might be a problem as they tend to have a psychological evaluation and Polygraph stage as well.
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    Part Time Work in Socal?

    Ivan: I worked there for a year almost.. i dont want to go back lol.. and its too far to drive for me (im in South Orange County)
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    South Orange County Jobs

    Pacific is almost ALWAYS hiring.. they have a high turnover rate due to people wanting to work 911 or going Medic school.. They are a good well established company though and have a ton of IFT contracts. They just got acquired by Rural/Metro Medix does 911 only for Mission Viejo, i hear...
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    Part Time Work in Socal?

    Anyone know of any companies in So cal that will hire part timers? pref on the weekends. I might eventually want to go full time with that company but as of now i need more patient contact, as i work the graveyard shift at a retirement community and run about 1-2 calls a month :blink:.
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    Has anyone ever heard of Rural Metro?/orange County

    I interviewed with them 2 years ago, with randy as well.. i didnt get the job though i was quite nervous since it was my first interview.. essentially the interview is a standard interview.. Tell me about your self? why do you want to work here? what do you want to do in the future? etc...