1. Kavsuvb

    Why Connecticut EMS is at the breaking point

    EMS statewide is strained almost to the breaking point. This is one of several recent articles describing the issue. The clickable data is informative. Did you know that ambulances are not considered an essential service in CT? Connecticut is near the bottom of the country in investing in EMS...
  2. Kavsuvb

    Another reason why Vol EMS is dying in Connecticut

    Here's the article from NBC Connecticut https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/future-of-wethersfield-ambulance-service-remains-uncertain/3245082/
  3. Kavsuvb

    Chuck Norris of EMS

  4. Kavsuvb

    You know when your old

  5. Kavsuvb

    I feel so sorry for the poor crew that has to go to this call

    What street in your town? Maybe the Green Door in Vegas!
  6. Kavsuvb

    EMS History in the 1970's

    Here's a historical film of what being an EMT and Paramedic was like in the 1970's. A good History lesson in how far we come along way since the 1970's
  7. Kavsuvb

    Flight EMT

    The Duke's of Hazzard of EMS
  8. Kavsuvb

    EMS in Laos

    Being American Laotion and an EMT, there is an EMS group in Laos that does the same thing in America. Their story is very interesting and shows how EMS is a global Culture. How these guys do EMS in Laos is very interesting because the Western Standard of EMS is far different in Laos...
  9. Kavsuvb

    Westport EMS sees influx in calls, decrease in volunteers

    Here's the problem I see, Inflation and recession is making it harder for people to justify volunteering. Look at the price of Gas these days to respond from home and even responding to the station. I think the best solution is to allow High school Juniors and Seniors to go on calls. Even allow...
  10. Chris EMT J

    Unusual presentation

    Hey so had this call that was really a unusual presentation so I am going to give some important information to the case and have some information private for patient confidentiality. Teenage male CC of jittery feeling Visual cues: Tripod position Obviously involuntary shaking of legs and...
  11. T

    Anybody have info on NYU EMS?

    am looking to get hired with them, can't find much information on google.
  12. Kavsuvb

    EMS Deserts in Connecticut

    Is there such thing as EMS Desert? I saw this article on NBC Connecticut. https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/investigations/ems-deserts-multiple-factors-upping-arrival-times-in-conn/2843455/ https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/investigations/state-reports-show-ems-response-times-double/2725941/
  13. J

    Advice: 911 (Non-Transport) to IFT and Back to 911 (Transport)

    Hey Y'all. Any advice for someone going back to a 911 agency after a stint in IFT?? The story goes that I got my start at a small agency that was essentially an EMT Assessment Unit (yes, we exist), and worked there for a year and a half before moving across the country and working at an IFT...
  14. O

    First EMT job in IFT

    Hi everyone. I just got my first job as an EMT with a private ambulance company. It is IFT and I know a decent amount of information regarding the position but was hoping for some advice. I know that a lot of things depend on the specific company, but if anyone has any tips for a new EMT, they...
  15. shylieen78


    I have a small situation hoping someone can clarify for me. I am currently in EMT classes and almost finished, I take my exam on 11/30/21. My plan is to join the FDNY EMS team so I know that the DCAS exam is now open from 11/03/21-11/26/21 I believe. So I took the DCAS exam for EMT Trainee...
  16. xoayn

    Annoying partner

    I seriously cannot tolerate my partner sometimes. We run IFT and he is literally a rookie rescue not sure if that’s the word but he literally will rush through every call and let dispatch run us to the ground. He’s those self righteous Christians and he likes to pretend he’s innocent and holy...
  17. O

    Training Coordinator

    Hello Everyone, The company I work for is a small IFT company that recently started to do some backup 911 calls for the local 911 system, so my question is, besides the common things like VS and report taking how can I better prepare the EMTs to run 911, We have a drivers training program and...
  18. KetamineBolus

    The Tale of the Zip-Tie and the Purple Shaft

    Once upon a time, in the wonderful white-trash park of mobile homes, was a patient of which I could only assume was autistic. (No reported history. I’m autistic myself, so don’t get offended.) We has received a message of a teen boi who had fallen ****-first into a zip tie in the day’s early. I...
  19. FirstResponder


    You had to see this one coming... What are your thoughts on these two new TV shows that have come out recently? It was a matter of time before the Fire & EMS side of things showed their faces in the day-to-day operations of the pre-hospital/ 911 system life. "Cops" has been on TV forever now...
  20. AlexTheChamberlain

    Ellis County TX EMS

    So I recently called these guy's ops to try and find out some information, and not going to lie, it was like pulling teeth. Only thing I found out is that Ellis county does some IFT and 911, and neighboring Johnson county does only 911. As far as protocols and pay goes, I got the generic "you'll...