1. S

    Accelerated AEMT Course (clinicals)

    I am in an accelerated one semester Advanced EMT course and we begin clinical rotations in 2 weeks. My instructors have been great and we will have gone over everything we are required to know by the time clinical start ie, IV, Pharmacology, etc. Although I wouldn't say I feel unconfident with...
  2. M

    Parmedic to RN

    Good Morning, Currently a NYS AEMT-P looking to bridge to nursing. Does anyone know of legit online bridge programs? Can bridge programs be completed through out of state colleges and still be accepted as a NYS nurse / is nursing a national degree? GK
  3. N

    Advancing clinical knowledge

    Hey y’all! I have been working as a medic in CA for about a year and a half, and am currently looking at moving out of state to get out of the private EMS hell out here (along with cost of living, etc). I am realizing while attempting to study for tests for some of these places I’ve applied to...
  4. C

    What are some additional certifications/classes that I should take/get once I become an EMT-B?

    I'm not quite an EMT just yet, but I was curious which ones would be the most relevant for when I do finally get certified.
  5. soflomedic14

    CE Broker for continuing education

    Have any of you used CE Broker For CEUs? It was suggested to me by a few people as it’s apparently easy to use and prices very fairly.
  6. T

    EMT-B Edu in PDX, OR?

    Hey! I'm looking into EMT-B programs in the Portland metro area and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I've found several 6mo programs through various community colleges and one 3mo program through a place in Vancouver, WA called Northwest Regional Training Center. I've found no...
  7. R

    Certification and moving States

    Hi, i am an aspiring EMT about to start the process of becoming certified. My local community college in KS has a very good reputation regarding their EMS related programs. I am planning on moving to AR in the future, how would this work reguarding certification in AR? Would i have to take...

    EMT-B Schooling

    Any advice for the FNG who is just about to start EMT school? *Things to pay special attention to* *Study Practices* Any advice is helpful.
  9. D

    Wilderness EMT training near me

    without giving away my exact location, I am near/willing to travel to eastern PA, the PoconosPA, Lancaster pA, Philadelphia PA, Gloucester County, NJ and areas around them. I am currently an EMT. I was wondering if anyone knew wilderness training near gem at least wilderness first responder or...
  10. K

    Feasibility of starting a live stream web CME for a fee?

    One of the agencies I work for utilizes a platform to give CMEs live over the web. People in our agency are able to login via a desktop or mobile devices to watch doctors give lectures on different topics and call review. There's a live chat portion that the speaker can see and participate in...
  11. DrWeaver3

    Global Comparative Survey - PHEM Analgesia

    Hello All! My name is Klara Weaver, I’m a doctor in the NHS in the UK. I am running a global comparative survey of pre-hospital analgesics carried by EMTs, paramedics and pre-hospital doctors. It aims to look at what EMS services carry in their ambulances, analgesia protocols and protocol...
  12. Paramedic Resource

    Pericarditis - FOAMed Video

    Hello again EMTlife! I've somehow managed to compile another video in under a week. check it out below if you are interested in learning about the causes, identification and treatment of Pericarditis. How do you differentiate between pericarditis and other sources of chest discomfort in your...
  13. O

    NREMT Advanced EMT test prep

    Hello EMS family, I am brand new to this site. I have recently completed an A-EMT class in Ohio. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good free A-EMT test prep apps or sites for the registry. Also my EMT-B registry is very close to expiering. My instructor told me that the class...
  14. J

    What to study for the NREMT Written???

    Hi All, I have just finished my NREMT Skills and I am now ready to take the NREMT Written exam. I am super nervous because I cannot seem to figure out what to study or how to prepare for the exam. What should I use to study for this exam??? Regards Jester
  15. EpiEMS

    Teaching the Art of the Differential Diagnosis

    How do you teach the art of the DDx to a newbie? I don't think I have the "art" (or the science, for that matter) 100% down, but I'd like to think I have the core (BLS-level) concept. So, back to the question - what's the best way to teach this? Scenarios? Reviewing clinical presentations that...
  16. Summit

    NREMT slashes required CE hours!

    National Continued Competency Model replaces the current method in 2019 EMT: 45% decrease in CEs 40 hours instead of 72 hours every two years... Instead of 24 hours of specified content by NREMT and 48 hours of elective, there will be 20 hours of...
  17. X


    Hello folks I live in Sacramento,CA I was wondering if anyone has attended Sacramento States paramedic program and if so how was the entry test and how was the interview?
  18. Paramedic Resource

    Brief history of EMS - FOAMed video

    1st of 4 videos I've made and will be releasing this week. It has been a long time coming making these and am eager to have some wide feedback on them, will follow up with the other videos 1/day over the next week. Any and all feedback welcome, hope you enjoy!
  19. MarilynEagle

    It most definitely hit the fan

    Last night, while studying for my EMT-B class final and practical exam, I started feeling very nauseous. At about 10pm I started to vomit like there was no tomorrow. At about 10:30 I was back in the bathroom leaning over the toilet vomiting profusely. This nonsense continued until about 5am. The...
  20. J

    American to Australia?????

    So, I am currently a student in Colorado, and I (like everyone else in america) am wanting to become a paramedic. I have just graduated from Fire Academy I, and was about to enroll into EMT-B, but was not sure if I should wait and just do it in AU? I have tried to research everything I can and...