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  • You being required to talk to me doesn't make it better :p

    PS- That's not my neighbor hood. I'm actually near the Walmart off Wilshire :D
    Jeez, you make it sound like you're making a sandwich or something! It's only a 15 minute drive (if you drive like me)
    Ha ha, That is great. I could not find my darn cell fone in the wreckage, but I did find my portable radio. I called in with that. The first thing I told them after the location and what happend was that I did not need medical. But I got it anyhow. It was strange signing that AMA form that I am always having other people sign. lol

    And btw, it looks like I will be fixing the truck instrad of junking it. I'll try to put some pics up in the next several days. I still can't believe how lucky I am to be unhurt and how little damage my truck has. I think it would have been much, much worse it it had not stayed on its wheels for so long and had rolled at 60 mph instrad of 15 mph. :-/
    I knew I forgot something last night :p I think it went well. Practical wound up being just a verbal scenario, written test was cake, and the interview was... interesting :p I should hear back today or tomorrow. And i need to call Acadian too just in case about the position I applied for in Orange County TX
    Hey, thanks. Yea, I am really lucky to be ok. It is just tough to remeber that when I am trying to figure out what to do about my truck.......
    Hey where abouts in Texas are you? My cousin is thinking about moving down there and he asked me to look around regarding Emergency Services down there. Any suggestions/dont's?
    Ahhhhh....I gotcha. How long you been there and where did you come from.

    I myself spent six months in Big Sandy, east of Dallas. East TX is one heck of an interesting place!
    I did! They stopped me at question 69! I freaked out because I thought it stopped because I bombed. Thx for asking. Where abouts are you?

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