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  • Oh ok. That's sweet. :) What part of Texas? [wow just realized I'm asking too many personal questions. sorry :p] lol
    Think about it, it'll be awesome. We'll be these two green newbs that are young enough to be their children, but we'll be in charge and kick butt at everything! MWAHAHA.
    Hahaha nice! Good job. I should come work there so you can promote me. That is one thing that sucks.... we are a HUGE center so I am definitely bottom of the totem pole. Can't wait for the next class to come so I am just NEAR the bottom. I'm still in the top 3 for phase 2 retransmits on wireless calls though, so they can suck it.
    I'll come take some calls! :) I'm pissing every one in my class off because I take twice as many calls as any of them. Hehehehe. How are you??
    Well I passed the interview......4 weeks ago. I am STILL waiting to be called in for a drug test, polygraph, background check and full psych eval. I have no hope for anything soon. And the position was titled: Summertime extra call receiver/emergency dispatcher. (Full time during the summer, part time during the fall and winter.) I applied in April. It is August. SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER AND I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN HIRED!!!!!!!!!!
    We just lost like 6 or 7... and that's on top of the big hole they were trying to fill by hiring us - they needed 10 people, but they only got 7 of us for budget reasons... so you can do the math. The overtime is ridiculous. They have plans to hire a new class in the next few months. The pressure is on to get us out flying solo.

    Any tips?
    Hahaha good. Just finished EMD which I kicked *** at. Now if only I can get the talking while typing on a freaking ergonomic keyboard thing down. We also have the most user-unfriendly CAD in the world according to everyone who works there. But I'm getting it. Slowly but surely.

    How are you?
    You did a hose drag while you were on dispatch duty?!? :blink:
    PAT test? Physical agility test test? Is that like a VIN number. :p
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