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  • Helloooo! I am just south of Fort Worth. In Johnson County. There are several services. A few of the bigger ones are Careflite, Medstar, AMR. All three are good services. Everyone has their falls, bet definitely fast paced because their in the city. More rural areas are Somervell, Hood Co, and Bosque county. Just depends on what he's looking for. The larger systems are a bit harder to get. There is also Everman EMS (South of FW).. Mansfield is East of Johnson Co. Only one I would advise.. Stay away from is Lake Whitney... my that is just my own personal opinion. Good Luck! Anything else just ask.
    That's interesting about your friends going to Trail. EMR is an Emergency Medical Responder, it is more intensive than a First Responder, as you can work on the ambulances with it in rural communities. It's between FR and Basic. Basically the way it works is First Responder ---> Emergency Medical Responder ---> Primary Care Paramedic ---> Advanced Care Paramedic.
    Very rare that we go up for transfers. Usually for an american who is injured in Canada and taken to an ER up there, but shipped back to the states for longer term care. Like I said though it is rare. I think I have done that once in 3 years.

    And Trail is pretty far south. I have friends up 3 miles south of the Waneta crossing and they go to Trail to do shopping and stuff since it is almost half as far as Spokane is.
    Oh, Ok. I live in WA state, about 50 miles south of the Boundry/Waneta border crossing. South of Trail. We run up to the border to meet up with BC EMS every once in a blue moon.
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