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  • Nice, I'm glad.

    I was at Parkland today and they had 4-5 seperate choppers come in in a 15 minute window dropping patients off from an apparent explosion north of Dallas. Twas a crazy sight.
    Yeah I know about them. One of my medic classmates works for them and enjoys it.

    I'm set with AMR though till I can find s 911. I get my share of excitement: )
    ha, I've only done that a million times.

    Naw, got a medic job back where I was an EMT in Dallas with AMR. They aren't hiring medics in Arlington yet, but one of my medic classmates is an EMT in Arlington and he's going to tell me when one of their medics plans to leave so I can transfer.

    My thought process is hey, AMR is a decent company, decent pay, I'll be working as a paramedic, and I can pick up shifts doing stand-by which is pseudo 911 so I can still get some fun till I transfer to one of their 911 areas, like Arlington or Collin, or maybe even Hunt county.
    I finally saw where one of the CareFlite stations was at :D

    I had to go do a UA for AMR and Cleburne was the closest facility.
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