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Hello everyone, this wil be my first post here on the forum hope i am not posting in the wrong area. I recently finished my state course for emt-b here in texas. Im hoping to have my nremt done before my 20th birthday next month. My original plan was to just start working here however my wife is in the military and they changed her duty statio. To washington (state not D.C.). My question to everyone is will I need to do a state course for WA before I can work in that state. Even with the national registry i have heard that many states want you to have a state license as well. I am currently at a fire department here but no one I work with could give an answer, hopefully someone here can. Also if anyone currently works in Seattle what are some of the better companies to try for? No neex to tell me names of bad ones id like to avoid negative talk about any company over the internet.
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Google Washington EMT reciprocity


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You may need to complete reciprocity here. So make sure you get your NREMT, then come to Washington, volunteer or work EMS and the agency you are affiliated with now will help you get your state cert. There may be additional classes you need, just spitballin' but like HIV or infectious diseases, that sort of thing, you shouldn't need the whole course again.

Otherwise if you don't have your Texas cert, and just have NREMT, you might be able to just get your Washington State cert.

Of course, I'm not 100% on any of this, just trying to give you an idea. Contact Washington Department of Health.