1. A

    Central Texas ems

    ATCEMS vs WILcoEMS. Both are open for hiring. Out of state medic looking for more info other than websites. Personal experiences? Pros or cons? Biased and unbiased feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. N

    Moving to Dallas right after Medic school?

    Hey y'all! Im finishing up medic school out here in cali (should be done by november), and i really want to move back home to Texas, specifically Dallas. I was wondering about employment in Dallas (I see a lot about Medstar. Anyone know about pay, protocols, if there are other companies as well...
  3. CanadianBagel

    Houston Area EMS

    Hey’all. I’m a medic from Missouri looking to pick up and leave for Houston in the next year or so; I’m looking to confirm some rumors and suspicions, and ask some questions I have about the area EMS services. (I’ve dug through the threads and I’m aware there is a similar post about this topic...
  4. AlexTheChamberlain

    Dallas Area Paramedic Pay

    As of 5/21/19. AMR Ellis County: *Highest Paid if on 12 hr (But FT can only go on 24's)* (24 hr) $13.82 (12 hr) $20.10 Annual $46K (Protocols have ketamine and PAI) AMR Arlington: (Only 12 hr shifts): $19.12 Annual $43K (Protocols are very basic. No Ketamine.) Medstar Fort Worth: *Highest...
  5. P

    Galveston, TX

    Any of my Galveston medics know if/when Galveston Ambulance is hiring? Thanks!
  6. P

    Galveston Area Ambulance Authority?

    Hello All, Currently seeking info on the system in general from a paramedic perspective. I saw the system recently converted to 12 hour shifts, correct? Is it a system that utilizes ems stations or a system status type that utilizes posts? What is the call volume in a typical day? As a medic...
  7. P

    Galveston Area Ambulance Authority? Input?

    Hello All, Currently seeking info on the system in general from a paramedic perspective for potential employment. I saw the system recently converted to 12 hour shifts, correct? Is it a system that utilizes ems stations or a system status type that utilizes posts? What is the call volume in a...
  8. AlexTheChamberlain

    Ellis County TX EMS

    So I recently called these guy's ops to try and find out some information, and not going to lie, it was like pulling teeth. Only thing I found out is that Ellis county does some IFT and 911, and neighboring Johnson county does only 911. As far as protocols and pay goes, I got the generic "you'll...
  9. AlexTheChamberlain

    AMR Amarillo or Collin County?

    Anyone know anything about either of these operations? Just curious about pay, reputation, IFT to 911 ratio, and how the fire dynamic is for them (like ALS or BLS, and fire takes pt lead or EMS takes lead). I already talked to Hunt county AMR which sounded nice, but the conversation didn’t go...
  10. T

    Good Texas EMS Companies to Work for?

    Hey there, I am moving to Texas here soon and looking for a good company to work for out there. I am an EMT-Basic with 5 years and 911 experience, also looking to go to paramedic school soon. I am trying to get a job before I move out there, I currently live is socal. Just looking for good...
  11. AlexandraMay3155

    Internship Advice

    Howdy! I am a 21 year paramedic student who finished all the classroom work, and start my clinical internship tomorrow. Background, I am from Fairbanks, Alaska and I recently made the 4,000+ mile drive to Austin, Texas for my externship. The scope of practice, the call type, volume, culture...
  12. T

    Jobs for Paramedic in AZ or TX

    Hey so my family is considering moving to either Phoenix or Houston area. I’m just curious what the job opportunities are like for a Paramedic with 3 years experience. I would ideally like a job in fire that has EMS or a flight job but understand how competitive they are. For medics in either...
  13. AlexandraMay3155

    Austin TX- Acadian Ambulance?

    Howdy!! I had a few question for those who know of Acadian Ambulance in Austin, Texas. I am graduating as a paramedic on April 27th, and driving down the first week of May. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. What is the starting pay? Overtime? What are the shifts like? Employee atmopshere and...
  14. L


    I'm currently enrolled in the EMT-Basic program for this fall. I just have two questions. What are the pros and cons for working for a private company like Acadian vs. The city of Beaumont? Do they both offer overtime? Are the benefits the same? What are the schedules like? Thank you!!
  15. Michelle Belus

    NREMT recertification

    I live in Houston Texas and this will be my first time to recertify for my EMT and I was wondering if I still need to do a refresher course since we follow the NCCP and I am not currently working as an EMT so I will be applying as inactive. I am a little confused on how I can find CE classes in...
  16. Phil mincey

    Bls in austin tx

    Hey there everyone I am transfering with amr from san diego to austin. Im looking for any helpful info on bls work in austin area. Most specifically what are the base hospitals, trauma centers, specialty centers, company w/ main 911 contract. Any info helps thanks.
  17. A

    Transfer from Texas to Washington state

    Hello everyone, this wil be my first post here on the forum hope i am not posting in the wrong area. I recently finished my state course for emt-b here in texas. Im hoping to have my nremt done before my 20th birthday next month. My original plan was to just start working here however my wife is...