1. J

    The cup holder

    So I work a service that is primarily 911 with some transfers, what is your go to cup holder. The usual suspects always work but what if you have something that the suction canister will just bounce around. I have three but two pictures Suction canister (obvious one) Spray bottle holder (with...
  2. FirstResponder

    Preventing Fraud-"Medical Necessity"

    For those involved in non-emergent/inter-facility transfers, does anyone else feel as though there is more to our job than simply receiving a signature and packaging a patient? Some companies still require RN's (sometimes a doctor or NP) to provide a written medical necessity for transport...
  3. RachZem

    EMT-B moving to Titusville, FL?

    Hey ya'll I'm moving to the Space Coast area. A tiny town named Titusville. I was wondering what it's like living and working as an EMT-B near there? I have been looking around for work and it seems like my best bet is the Orlando area. What's your scope and how's the culture? Do you get along...
  4. Cyrus

    Interested in an EMS Career in Canada, from US

    Good morning everyone, I am searching for advice in regards to pursuing a career in EMS and immigrating to Canada. I am currently living in California and working on an ALS rig doing 911- albeit as an EMT-B. My interest is one day working as a PCP, ACP, or higher (CCP or becoming a Doc) in...
  5. A

    Transfer from Texas to Washington state

    Hello everyone, this wil be my first post here on the forum hope i am not posting in the wrong area. I recently finished my state course for emt-b here in texas. Im hoping to have my nremt done before my 20th birthday next month. My original plan was to just start working here however my wife is...