1. F

    Immediately Hiring Single-Role Paramedics in Granite Falls, WA

    Granite Falls is currently looking to immediately hire as many as three Paramedics. Job Description: Selected individuals will provide exceptional evidence-based medical care and customer service to anyone that they encounter. Paramedics function as part of a team over the entire 24 hour shift...
  2. S

    Paramedic student, needing job ideas

    Hey everybody! I’m currently a paramedic student about to start my internship. I’m trying to relocate from California and I’m very open to any ideas in Oregon and Colorado. Possibly Washington as well. I’ve heard good things about UC Health, I’d love to know more about that general area too...
  3. W

    Is anyone out there happy with their AMR union contract?

    Greetings from Washington state, Let me start by saying, I love my job and what I do. Co-workers are great, supervisors are approachable and available, and the schedule has been flexible while being in college. However, overall morale and views about our company are poor, full of animosity and...
  4. C

    Thread #8,175,361 About AMR

    Good afternoon y'all, I wanted to make a thread to get some specific information about working for AMR as a Paramedic in systems where they have medical authority. I have been surfing the forum for days reading up on everything, but I have a few specific questions I haven't found a clear answer...
  5. C

    Have to Move :( Heading to Pullman, Washington Area - Need Insight

    My family has to move due to my husbands job and we are heading to the area of Pullman, Washington. I am a Paramedic for the 911 transporting service in a large county. I have been looking online trying to gage the services available in the Pullman and surrounding areas and I am at a loss. Seems...
  6. M

    AMR Yakima, WA

    I've been invited to test for AMR in Yakima, WA. They said the written test is similar to the National Registry. Anybody have any advice or information on the test or working for AMR in general?
  7. Loki Grim

    Becoming licensed in Washington state

    Hi everyone, I just passed the NREMT exam a few days ago, now I'm just a little confused about the next step. Currently I'm living in California and I'm aware of how their system works, I would need a county and state card. I'm considering moving to Washington state where their system is a...
  8. afrench18

    Washington State ED Paramedics?

    I'm curious if any WA paramedics know why hospitals in WA (or at least in King County) do not hire Paramedics to work in EDs. Is this a Washington DOH thing or Hospital thing? It's been a total buzz kill working as a CNA while my Paramedic skills slowly fade out... I would love to be more...
  9. A

    Transfer from Texas to Washington state

    Hello everyone, this wil be my first post here on the forum hope i am not posting in the wrong area. I recently finished my state course for emt-b here in texas. Im hoping to have my nremt done before my 20th birthday next month. My original plan was to just start working here however my wife is...
  10. A


    Im gonna be certified in EMR in March 2016 and I was wondering how, if I could, would I do a ride along with a firefighter, like what would I do to be able to do it? (Also if age matters I'm 16).