fire department

  1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona Certificate of Necessity

    To anyone working in Arizona, how exactly does the certificate of necessity work when there are multiple companies and agencies overlapping one area? Is there a primary agency, and the rest are backup? Or does one fire and one private ambulance show up, and fire only takes high acuity patients...
  2. D

    Training opportunities with CEU's

    Awareness protective Consultants from NJ travels nationwide to train EMS and Fire for several courses such as: Situational Awareness Integrated Active Shooter for First Responders Both are able to obtain Continuing education for the training and both are 4 hour training increments. Please...
  3. T

    Jobs for Paramedic in AZ or TX

    Hey so my family is considering moving to either Phoenix or Houston area. I’m just curious what the job opportunities are like for a Paramedic with 3 years experience. I would ideally like a job in fire that has EMS or a flight job but understand how competitive they are. For medics in either...
  4. M

    California Paramedics

    I'm a medic in New Mexico and just received my license in California. I am trying to move out there early 2018. I do not have a specific place picked out. I was just hoping to get some info about the jobs/emt environment out there. I was hoping to get an Emergency Department job but open for...
  5. CaliforniaBoy92

    911 Dispatch EMT Work In NYC or Surrounding Counties

    Hi Everyone, I'm from Los Angeles and am interested in doing 911 Dispatch EMT work in NYC or the surrounding counties (especially Westchester), and I feel completely lost. I would love it if you could provide some helpful advice on which companies do 911, how I can make myself competitive, or...
  6. A

    "Fresh out of EMT school" Tips and tricks for the new EMT

    Hello everybody!! My name is Albert Reyes and I am an EMT here in the city of San Jose, Ca for the past 16 years with seven of those being an FTO. I have a passion to help new EMTs when transitioning into their first day in EMS. Because of this passion I have recently published a book called "...
  7. S

    different EMS licenses for Fire Departments

    I have a question regarding licenses for fire departments. My local department has a EMR license with EMT-B permit. As an EMT-B does this mean that I can practice to the full scope of my license (with regard to local SOPs) or does the fact that it's only a "permit" restrict my practice?