1. F

    Immediately Hiring Single-Role Paramedics in Granite Falls, WA

    Granite Falls is currently looking to immediately hire as many as three Paramedics. Job Description: Selected individuals will provide exceptional evidence-based medical care and customer service to anyone that they encounter. Paramedics function as part of a team over the entire 24 hour shift...
  2. KetamineBolus

    Joining the USAR as a 68w; Worth it?

    I‘m considering joining the Army Reserve as a EMT-P. I wanted some advice from some guys who have done it, to know if it’s worth putting in the work for. I’ve got a great job as is, and sacrifices would be made in my personal life to make it work. I don’t want doing this to be a mistake. I’ve...
  3. weezeehamilton

    NREMT- P Test taking classes

    Hello all, so I've taken the NREMT P test once, and failed. I've kind of known I've had a problem with reading comprehension in general when it comes to test questions. I have an issue really understanding what a question is really asking me. I get really bogged down and distracted by all...
  4. N

    Military ELS/Entry Level Separation want to become EMT/Paramedic

    I currently live in Illinois if anyone can help me. I enlisted when i was 18 and received an ELS for PTSD. I was going through tough times and i just wanted to get out. I completed boot camp and made it half way through SOI. I wanted to know if this would prevent me from obtaining an EMT-B and...
  5. Logan Bounds

    Bachelors of Applied Science in Paramedicine. Is it worth it?

    So I am currently taking my prerequisites at Brigham Young University Idaho for the B.S. in Paramedicine. I am a Certified EMT and will be a Certified Firefighter 1 in a month. I am trying to weigh out my options here. I can continue on with the program and finish in 2 years and become an EMT-P...
  6. theasianEMT

    EMT-B Jobs on East Coast - Help please?

    Hey guys, I have a friend who's moving to the east coast from CA and is an EMT-B looking to get a job as a city or county EMT on the east coast...I told him about southeast county jobs but he's looking a little more along the lines of Chicago or Boston, NY, NJ, and wants to know how the EMS...