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    Fired! Interview help from EMS admin

    Ah no, you might want to go back and reread what the OP wrote and then reread what mgr22 wrote. Mgr22, you make an excellent point. So many people seem to be unaware that even those ******* bosses know how to access online forums. And Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and...
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    ex-medic needing advise

    Good luck. I hope you can work something out.
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    Fired! Interview help from EMS admin

    If you were fired improperly or over a misunderstanding did you fight it? How exactly did a nurse get a paramedic fired? Did she file a formal complaint against you that was adjudicated by your employer? What is the connection between this nurse and your "old boss"?
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    ex-medic needing advise

    My comment about playing the victim refers to your comments about your situation. You blamed everyone else involved without taking any responsibility for what you apparently did. My advice was to not do that when you approach your local EMS licensing authority for help with your situation as it...
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    ex-medic needing advise

    As usual, contact the agency that certifies or licenses EMT's in the area where you wish to work. Find out what THEY require instead of relying on anonymous people scattered around the world in an online forum. I'd lose the victim mentality when attempting to regain your privileges, from what...
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    Glendale fire assaults patient after patient assaults them

    Well given the fact that I work on film sets for pay and running/racing events as a volunteer the likelihood of me getting hit is pretty slim but I'm pretty sure that I'd let the prosecuter file charges against anyone who might assault me.
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    Question about identifying yourself

    I really miss Ridryder...
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    Master EMT before going Medic?

    You need to get out more... Your adamant refusal to acknowledge that your opinion is not a fact clouds whatever message it is that you're trying to convey. Your incessant use of the term "bro" is just annoying. You're also completely and totally wrong. Bro...
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    Glendale fire assaults patient after patient assaults them

    I bet they're rethinking that decision to wear shorts... Seriously, the whole thing, from the one guy telling the camera operator to stop to the clown threatening to have everyone arrested was a complete, total, and epic ****ing disaster on the part of everyone involved that all I could think...
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    Meret Bags

    To answer your actual question, well sorta anyway. I've looked at the Meret bags numerous times at various EMS events but don't currently own one. I can't specifically recommend one but I can tell you that they're very well made and they appear to be very durable. I have heard that they have...
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    EMT cert expires while working (LA County)

    Last time I re-certed it took less than 30 days, that includes mailing everything to LACDHS and recieving my new card from the state. I'd give it 60 days to be safe, there's no downside for doing it early that I'm aware of and there's plenty of downsides to being late.
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    EMT cert expires while working (LA County)

    The least of your worries is a brief lapse in your work history. Attempting to cover up bad judgment will get you in more trouble than the bad decisions you made ever will. Stop treating patients and get your license renewed. Not getting re-certified in time can be put down as a mistake or a...
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    BLS with Advanced Skills

    How many people per year are dying from anaphylaxis in Canada?
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    Full Arrest

    I miss Ridryder...
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    where can i find Los Angeles Scope of Practice 2014?

    I've put some feelers out. Will let you know ASAP