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What changed in Victorville?
They changed from San Bernardino County Fire to Victorville City Fire early last year.
This. The city decided to go back to a city department instead of contracting with San Bernardino County Fire. During the transition the county Fire union did a lot of shady and illegal things that got them in some trouble. Those things included spraying 935 (their union number) in weed killer on the grass of one of the stations, loosening water lines so that walls would become water damaged, removing the batteries from all the smoke/CO2 detectors, removing the batteries from the clocks and setting them to 9:35. Leaving them a heavily damaged fire engine that was owned by the city but was supposed to be maintained by county and then swapping all the nice equipment (also city owned) on the engines out for heavily used/damaged equipment, so they would be in Engine 33 (I don’t know their unit numbers) but have a chainsaw from 53, circular saw from 45, extrication tools from 23, etc.