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  • Hey I am applying to AMR in Palm Springs soon, If you could DM me I would super appreciate it to get some insight about the company and how things work etc.

    I am working as an Assistant EMS Instructor in the Middle East. Need your help to figure out a feasible EMS research topic related to EMS Education / Ambulance services / Scope of practice / Pre-hospital care or EMS Internship.

    Thanks and Regards
    Hey man, going to be interviewing for a medic spot in riverside. Do you have any insight into that area ? Pay, OT, all ALS, rigs etc. Haven't worked as a medic in a couple years, so thought I would jump back into a different 911 system( was in SD and then Ventura). If you could DM me that would be great. Thanks
    Hey, I'm new here. I want to get into the EMT life but i'm in Nairobi, Kenya. Which city would you recommend I move to? And what should I be looking forward to like how long will the course take, what options do I have e.g paramedic school or EMT-B and can I work as I study? I'm ready to leave my life in Kenya to start out as an EMT somewhere please help? :)
    I saw your post about shoreline, I was wondering if you could tell me some more about them? I just had an interview today. Message me back or text me! Thanks!
    Hello. Just wondering if you still work for Symons. Had a couple questions about their Amb.
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