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Just moved to Maryland and I'm looking figure out where to take the skills class they talk about on MIEMSS site. I am not affiliated with a station at this time. Any help would be great appreciated. I looked on the MFRI site but couldn't find a skills course.

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You need to find a program or company to be affiliated with before you can test. No sure about a skills class, but you need a MD protocol exam completed. Alot of places will have someone designated at the MD Protocol Review person. So you either need to find an employer to affiliate with, you find somewhere to volunteer and get affiliated that way. You can just be joe citizen without an affiliation and get a cert. Once you get the affiliation they can provide you with the steps and paperwork to schedule your protocol test. Do yourself a favor and start studying them now, there's ALOT of them..... They are available on the MIEMSS website.