1. A

    My Experience Getting Certified in Massachusetts

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to come on here and shoutout the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services. They were super responsive to all my emails and phone calls. They always picked up after a ring or two; most importantly, there was no automated robot when I called. The EMS...
  2. Z

    Boston EMS Graduation

    Does anyone know whats included in the Boston EMS EMT graduation? It seems that they have somethings similar to fire depts with the mayor and others. Was wondering if anyone familiar with BEMS knows.
  3. K

    Need to find a psychomotor exam in Massachusetts

    Hi all, I'm an EMT-B looking to get certified in Massachusetts. I moved from Florida in August 2017, and while my Florida cert is still active, my NREMT lapsed. It lapsed March 2017, so I'm within the 2 year time frame. Since it lapsed, I have to take the cognitive test and get a psychomotor...
  4. M

    Pay scale for on call EMTs

    Hi! Just had a question specifically for on-call EMTs or FF/EMTs; how much does your department pay per EMS call and what is the hourly rate? Both during the day shift and night shift if there is a difference. Thanks so much! I am mainly looking at pay for cities and towns in Massachusetts (but...
  5. J

    Boston Metro Area Paramedic Jobs...Best Place to Work

    Hello All - I'm a Paramedic with over 10 years of experience, I worked in a metro city EMS system as an FTO for 10 years. I just moved to the Boston area, looking for a Paramedic job for part-time or 24 hours shifts, that's why I decided not to go to Boston EMS. What are the best services in...
  6. ChrisC5928

    Question about EMT-B Driving record

    Hello, Here is my question hopefully you guys could answer it for me I have looked every where and haven't found a answer. I am from Massachusetts I just got nationally certified and licensed as a EMT and will be applying for jobs in the field very soon. My worry and question is about my driving...