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  • Staying inside until the sun goes down a bit more, then I need to work in the yard. How about you?
    It was this morning, we also got our first fire today. It was only a car fire but still pretty cool nonetheless.
    Nice to chat to you too Willbe....hope to see you on the chat again soon.
    Thanks for the invite!
    Cheers Joy
    If you end up coming to Texas for anything, I'll have a p'zone with your name on it, but until that time, I eat it ALL!
    I like my eggs over easy please, and when they are ready I will take a beer to wash it all down. Thank sweety~~~~
    Good Morning, Thanks for the request. Just sitting here having my morning dose of caffine. Hope your day is starting out great.
    Well I'm on my 4th beer, I'm sitting in front of an open fire, and I've spent the evening spreading my opinionated thoughts about the forum.....so pretty good ;)
    Rest-- never.
    Food-- I have a p'zone coming in about 10 minutes... yum.

    PS-- see you added a pic.. Nice! I don't see any stylets though? =)
    Ahh, Ok. Three to five on the ground, Eh?

    Actually, I'm not in the millitary yet. Right now I am in what is called USMC Platoon Leaders Course. It is essentally Officers bootcamp, except instead of being in one lump, it is spread out over several years, (during the summer) and in between I am doing college. So I will go active duty when I finish school in the summer of 2011. (I hope) Then I (hopefully, pleeeeeeeeeeeze) get assigned to flightschool, and after I finish that they have me for like 5 years. I am hoping to get assigned to fly helos. Mebby I will have a better chance at filght medicine after that. Right now I am really torn between FF/Medic and flight medic.:unsure: Who knows.
    Well, have a good one.
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