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  • Hey there, I posted a response to your question on my profile, but I don't know that with the new web site it'll notify you of the response. So, for the record, I'm in Sioux Falls. Cheers.
    Just checked my profile today... but yesterday was good :p Had a couple "fun" calls.... well fun for me, not the pt. Hows it going down there? We are in for up to 20 inches of snow starting tomorrow night!!!! I am ready... no... I am PAST ready for summer.
    Take Care,
    Ya, we have gotten enough :p but nothing like whats going on just south of us... you can keep the weather. Right now its not too bad, but the wind is suppose to come up this afternoon.
    Hi Ty, actually I am only about 2 1/2 hurs south of you, I think your in Fargo. I am only 25 miles south of Watertown. Been meaning to leave you a message also, but hadn't got around to it yet. It is snowing pretty heavy this morning around here, I would imagine you are getting your share also.
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