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  • Thanks! I took that a few weeks ago while I was visiting my aunt in Chicago. It is actually like 2330 at night, but the city is as busy as noonday. It literally never sleeps. You can always hear a siren going! I spent my first few hours there trying to hunt them down and get pics, but quit after I realized it was in vain. I just happened to nail this guy while we were walking home from dinner. It was just like throw the camera up, push the button, and hope it comes out. Turned out much better than I thought it would!
    Hi how are ya? Well I put in my first application since I passed my test. It is just part time that I am wanting, and I don't know why but I was as nervous as I could be talking to that lady.
    Wilkes County. We visit ashevile often though. We go to the Orange Peel to the venues they have. Pretty neat little spot.
    I have no clue...I found this pic on the net somewhere...but if you look real close, you can tell it is an AMR bus
    Hello there, what part of the mountains are ya from? I'm from the foothills.
    Here I come to save the day!!!! Marble Slab....Yeah! I want Strawberry Icecream with chocolate chips and fresh strawberries! Add some fudge too!!! :)
    Chilling at home, being lazy reading my textbook. Actually about to leave to pick some food up.

    How about you girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll? Hows life?
    Not a whole lot... just got back from medic school. We spent an hour talking about a... err.. innappropiate thing and how paralysis effects it. Kinda fun actually.

    How about yourself? Counting down the days?
    I wish it would rain more in Texas.

    That's sweet that she is in your class. It will make it much easier having someone you know in there when it comes time to study and you have 30 guys asking if you want to "study"

    I feel bad for cute girls in emt class haha.
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