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    this is probably a stupid question. my nremt expired in march 08, im trying to renew it to move out of state, am i still able to recert by examination?? or just recert in general??
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    What Happens Now?

    Im a basic in ohio, when i passed, got my nremt stuff, then the paramedic education secretary contacted me and had me come down and fill out an application for the state card. i had it in about 3 weeks
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    EMS is a stepping stone

    I want to work on a fire department, I talked to many Firefighters/Chiefs ect. They all said the same thing, get your EMS stuff taken care of. Always wanted to be a firefighter. Now that I work as an EMT, its not bad, but its the private ambulance sector. Not that exciting. Occasionaly we'll get...
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    thanks 4 the info guys
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    I'm from Ohio, I have my basic cert, it expires in april 2009, now i'm starting medic school in January 2009, I heard from a co-worker that the medic classes count as CE credits to maintain my basic cert during school. I dont know how it works in other states but I was just wondering if I should...
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    Age when you joined EMS

    18 got my basic, now 21 getting medic
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    Can I make enough as an EMT

    i dont make squat as a basic, im getting my medic where (if im still working for this place) ill be making a whopping 58 more cents. the private field isnt very nice on the wallet
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    just curious

    Just curious, when you receive your nremt card can you take that and work in another state?? ex. i live in ohio and i'm thinking about moving to florida when im done with medic school, am i able to work in fla as a medic, or do i have to retake the course in fla???? sorry if the question sounds...
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    Hobet emt-p entrance exam

    yea, we had to take it with pen and paper. i actually got my results earlier than expected, they said they would be here around thanksgiving.
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    Hobet emt-p entrance exam

    got my results today, i passed, looking forward to starting medic school
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    Hobet emt-p entrance exam

    Just got done taking the test, wasn't bad, there was some math that I havn't seen in 6 years,lol. Tried my best, let you guys know how I did!
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    Hobet emt-p entrance exam

    thanks guys, ive been working myself up thinking its going to be this big hard test.
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    Hobet emt-p entrance exam

    I will be taking the HOBET entrance exam in a couple weeks, and was wondering if any of you guys have any advice on how to prepare for this test. If not thanks anyway.
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    i have another ???, im not currently working as an EMT-b, but am currently on a fire dept. waiting list, and it counts for extra points. does not working as a basic effect re-registration.
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    im just asking for help, im new to EMS. sorry i dont know everything in the world about it