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    Pediatric: ALTE

    Just wondering how many people have dealt with an ALTE? I encountered one yesterday while on a paramedic ride along for class. 1 yr. old male. 10 minutes after eating, pt. went limp, apneic, became cyanotic. Father began rescue breathing for pt and called 911. Arrived on scene, father...
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    Virtually every IV I've ever started or seen started in my internships had a lock. -Matt
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    Question about SVT and VTach.

    That left me scratching my head too....oh well.... I was pretty amazed as well. 55 y/o pt. with esophageal CA. Pt. able to speak in complete sentences, deny chest pain and SHOB, skin warm and moist. We walked in and he turned to me when I was talking to him and said, "I can just feel my...
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    Question about SVT and VTach.

    Being the intern on the truck, I was wanting to give this guy the works (12 lead, adenosine had he been unstable, etc)...but preceptor said since we had a transport time of 1 min to the ER that we shouldn't waste any time. Wish I had a 12 lead... -Matt
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    Traction splint question

    The reasoning behind not wanting to apply a traction splint to someone with a more critical injury or an immediate life threat, you don't want to spend the time stabilizing their leg when time is critical. So if you've got someone who's a multisystem trauma with an abdominal bleed and decreased...
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    Question about SVT and VTach.

    Was doing some downtime forum reading and saw this from a rhythm thread. Just curious if anyone had any thoughts or literature so that I could read up on this debate. (Hoping no one is just going to refer me to google. :P) Any info would be appreciated...just reading up on SVT (and we...
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    Just stopping in....

    Just wanted to drop in and say hey....I finally have a few seconds free. In the third week of the first semester of our year long paramedic program here in SC. Had my second of twelve internships yesterday....MAN I LOVE EMS!!! It is really nice getting to help people and learning more than...
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    'Biggest Tragedy to hit ER24'

    :sad::sad::sad: We're praying for those who lost their lives, their families, and ER24. -Matt
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    Emotional person becoming an EMT

    ^^^^^ Emotion is definetly an important part of what we do...I know that when I've been on an emotional scene, I have been able to maintain a professional attitude and provide patient care. It was only later that I hit a bit of a low spot....but was able to realize that life was moving on...
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    Bad NASCAR Wreck

    That was a horrific looking crash!! Amazing he walked away... -Matt
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    What do you think this is??? (12 lead)

    As a preceptor told me, "Lead II-you have no clue"..:(..well that's as far as I've been into ECG so far.... ......but I do recognize the accelerated IVR. Thanks for posting up the strips.... -Matt
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    Has anyone here had an MI?

    Just curious....I am writing a paper on AMI's and was just wondering if anyone on here had the misfortune of experiencing one? -Matt
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    [April Fools] Should (insert your name) be banned?

    Took me a while.....but that's a good one. ;) -Matt
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    My first big trauma

    I got a chance to talk with my instructors today to get feedback from every aspect of the call. I was on scene and provided care to the most unstable pt. One of my instructors flew both pts. in. Another of my instructors received the pts from the helicopter and transported into the ER...
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    Fatal EMS wreck in Charleston, SC My prayers are with the girl, her family/friends, and the Charleston Co. crew. :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: This happened about two miles from campus. -Matt