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    Is starting an unnecessary IV fraud?

    Then you didn't understand my post.
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    Is starting an unnecessary IV fraud?

    I have a low threshold for starting IVs in the field. If: 1.) I know the patient is going to need medication: fentanyl, ondansetron, methylprednisolone. These are no brainers. 2.) Fluids. I also have a low threshold for giving fluids. We carry 500 ml bags. If they're vomiting, they get a...
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    Air Evacs Services transports patient despite protest

    I doubt she was "alert and oriented" after her seizure. That seriously calls into question her ability to refuse care, IMHO. That being said, why would you fly a seizure patient? Casa Grande Medical Center lists 13 neurologists on staff. It seems that they are more than qualified to treat...
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    Ruptured Spleen

    I'm not sure how limited the beta effects are at 15 mcg/min. I've seen plenty of induced tachydysrrhythmias from Levo. Personally, my choice would be Neo (phenylephrine). All alpha, no beta. And at 63, I don't think this patient needs any more beta stimulation. Vasopressin is generally...
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    Parents Sue Police Over Death of Down Syndrome Man

    You think his death is funny? I'm betting his mother doesn't. And posts like this are exactly one of the reasons that people view us as a vocation, and not a profession. You're in the public eye. Anyone can come to this board and read our posts, and you're making a joke about the death of a...
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    Parents Sue Police Over Death of Down Syndrome Man

    Resisting what? Paying the movie ticket? He wasn't a threat to the public safety. They were advised how to deal with him, and that he wouldn't understand. They chose to go forward with the "one size fits all" technique. And you're telling me that four police officers, who are all most likely...
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    Parents Sue Police Over Death of Down Syndrome Man

    You use the level of force needed to subdue them, not automatically give to them what they're giving out. That's irresponsible, and it's the police meting out punishment. Not their job. And I guess I missed the part where the guy was restricting their breathing and crushing their airways.
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    Parents Sue Police Over Death of Down Syndrome Man

    They restrained his hands behind his back in a face down position. In an obese person, we know this has a huge risk of causing death. That's why they teach not to do it. People die because of it. And EMS fractured his larynx? Give me a break. There were a whole lot of ways this guy could...
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    Parents Sue Police Over Death of Down Syndrome Man

    He had a fractured larynx. The police department tried to blame it on EMS when they intubated him. They hog tied an obese, mentally retarded man in a face down position. Someone they were warned would not have the mental capacity to comprehend their commands. A position that we KNOW...
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    "Ambulance drivers" union negotiations.

    As a journalist, this guy can do better. He needs to learn about what he's writing before he writes it incorrectly.
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    Rural/Metro officially files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Yup. Which translates into screwing their creditors. My opinion is, Warburg Pincus, the investment firm that bought them (purely to make money), pushed for this to happen. That way, they can get rid of debt they don't want to pay, and become more profitable. Which means the investment firm...
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    City Council intern passes out — and it takes EMS 30 minutes to respond

    My point is that it's the job of a 911 call taker to get that information. The NYC 911 system is horribly notorious for being inefficient, at best. It's a shambles. And as soon as the call was upgraded, a crew was assigned. So I don't buy that this was an EMS problem at all.
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    City Council intern passes out — and it takes EMS 30 minutes to respond

    You sure about that? Why was this a low priority call? With two people calling 911, and the girl still unconscious, it seems like someone should have realized this was a higher priority job. Then, they created two different jobs. A commanding NYPD officer reports TWENTY MINUTES after the...
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    soon to take my NYS Paramedic exam!

    Relax. New York State's written exam, after passing a paramedic class, should be easy. It's divided into 2 sections: BLS, which is 75 questions, and ALS, which is 150 questions, with 10 trial questions that won't count towards your score scattered throughout. You won't know which ones they...
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    Ambulance Vs private vehicle

    I've actually been in this situation. I was front seat passenger, and my partner was driving us emergency mode to a motor vehicle accident, reported as multiple patients and serious injuries. (The reports ended up correct. They transported 8 patients with 2 critical.) We were on a 2 lane...