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  • Chimpie,
    How do you like Sarasota? We are considering moving to Florida, well I might be being dragged down there from Idaho because the other half cant find work up here. She has an interview in Sarasota at the end of the month. Also do you know much about getting a state license as a Paramedic for Florida for someone who is already state licensed and still has there NREMT

    Thanks Chimpie :)
    From what I am understanding is I have to take another written exam. I am hoping Florida EMS actually emails me back soon
    Hi, I received notice of a PM from you but the notification on my page sends me right to your profile page without a PM.
    Hi.:censored:I just bought a new Mac mini to replace my 2004 Dell Dimension, it is running Lion OS, and I need the plugin for live chat. Any suggestions as to why it isn't plugging in or what to do about it.?
    Just looked at an old post and realized that you (and/or vBulletin) fixed using alternative Unicode characters to avoid the word filter. Well done.
    If you have had an Infraction is there anyway I can get it off my profile wall? Any advice will help.

    Thanks, Jonathan Mitchell EMT-Basic
    :birthday::birthday::birthday:Oh my gosh! I can't believe I missed your birthday two weeks ago! So.....even though it is so late.....Happy Birthday!:birthday::birthday::birthday:
    Chimpie, I propose that your signature, in addition to your certs, say:

    "Listen to the monkey"

    Just kidding of course, but that is what pops into my head every time you post one of those "Let's stay on topic" posts. Not in a bad way, just funny.

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