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  • Hi, I am studying for the FP-C but I feel like I am all over the place. Every time I think I am ready to take the exam and I read some practice questions from a different book I get discouraged. Is there any book you would recommend or any study material you would recommend? Please I need help! Email: skoolgal7@gmail.com
    Hey can I get those resource links you were talking about for FP-C? MY email is klingbeilt08@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.
    Yep that is me. That strip caused a lot of discussion, I heard so many different interpretations from different RNs, PAs, and MDs. A Fib with a 3rd degree never really crossed my mind at the time, I have never seen that before
    So... I'm gonna talk to PerCom on Monday about if I can do their medic program while living in NM. I just realized if I want my BSN, there's really no point in wasting time getting a BS in EMS. I just want that gold patch ASAP
    That's what I'll be doing this next fall, spring, and summer. Everything that happened kept me too distracted to try to register for classes this summer until after the deadline had closed.
    Hopefully by next fall. I was hoping by the Spring, but with everything that happened, it doesnt' look like I'll be taking classes this summer :( I WILL get that RN if it kills me, I promised her that, so I'll do it! :)
    No. I'm just the King of Hearts. Unfortunately, no one boasts the crown of the King of Hearts without first enduring the sword.
    I find it very amusing when you google amputee coitus HotelCo's sig comes up on the very first result. hahaha
    Put on your EMT-LMNOP uniform and meet me at the local medical center. We shall beat the brakes off a bundle branch block.
    Sounds like a plan.

    Haven't bought the book yet, was probably going to go on Amazon sometime this week when I get paid.
    Telepathic nasal intubations are not currently in the EMT-LMNOP scope of practice. We are hoping the new national standards will change this as we do particularly well in situations where psychic and or telekinetic abilities can mean the difference between saving a life and potentially ending one.
    Same tech? Dang bro. I know... I know a good tech is hard to find. I just lost a good buddy to Parkland CVP ICU. It's all good he's taking his nclex in sept anyway... Seriously tho, in that setting, I have no sympathy for that type of blatant disregard, I would have called the house sup / manager on the spot and tried to get the guy terminated.
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