Youtube and NREMT

Loki Grim

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Hey everyone,
[This is all subjective and what helped me may not help you.]

I just passed my NREMT the other day and something that I never really saw pop up when I searched for ways to study was Youtube. There are entire EMT courses posted on Youtube that are completely free to watch. After watching lectures on chapters I would quiz myself using online practice quizzes. When I took the NREMT it had been 11 months since I had been in the classroom and most study material cost anywhere from $30-$120. I wanted to post this because there may be people out there in a similar situation and have a similar learning style to myself. It may be a lot more helpful to read your book, just depends on you.


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Good resource has been proven in the past not everyone knows enough to teach, be careful. And don't forget there are also new American Heart Association protocols for 2015, some of the information will be outdated.