State Transitioning to NREMT ... Non-Accredited Programs


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Picking brains about what other states have done in this case:

Word is NY is finally starting the transition to NREMT as the initial certification standard. The educational standards have moved this way already, leading to the sunset on new certification and formal refresher training for the EMT- Critical Care level. The new bridge class from that level to Paramedic is good in NY but not National Registry (I believe lack of clinical time). We knew that going in, and were OK with it due to not needing it outside the state.

If your state has transitioned, what have they done with students who have become certified through programs that don't meet NR standards? Advanced standing in existing programs, arrangements to complete strictly clinical time, some hybrid model, or just too bad and start over?

To my knowledge, the only programs in my area not accredited would be the Bridge (Northwell Health) and FDNY. NYC has been known to do its own thing because of its size, so I could see them going out on their own within the NYC system. But if not, that leaves a large number of medics operating in that system or who have been trained there and moved on to other jobs.