Injured on the job, now what?


The fire extinguisher is not just for show
definitely start applying to other companies. start looking now. too many red flags. maybe you are experiencing reasons why your company has a high turnover?

Job related injuries will not hurt your chances of employment elsewhere, provided you are able to do the job as expected.

Many private companies suck..... if you get offered a municipal job, my advice would be to take it; the benefits, pay, and working conditions tend to be better when compared to private-for profits.

6 months is a short time before you look for a new job; however, based on what you are saying, I foresee your situation only getting worse, so if you had previous offers, call up those companies and see if they are still interested.

don't bounce around every year or two, but don't stay in a toxic environment just because you want some experience on your resume.