Cold Night


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Seizure call at 11:00PM Winter night. rural call. we pull up and notice there are no lights on. And as we walk toward the home we notice what appeared to be a mattress and other house hold items that burned in a front yard bomb fire. The fire was out but still smouldering. As we enter the home there is a infant, mom, dad and 12 YO boy in the living room with jackets on.

I asked where the patient is and dad relays that his daughter is sick and may have had a seizure. I stopped and thought about things for a few seconds and asked what hospital they wanted to go to and they did not care. I looked the dad square in the eyes and asked in a "voice" would you like for the family to ride along. He said yes.

I got the baby and the family out of the cold for a little while. The baby checked out fine and was apparent she didn't have a seizure.

I will never forget that call.


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Good job

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