AMR San Diego questions!


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Hey ya'll! I have been living in SD for a little over a year (originally from FL) and finally did the paperwork to get my paramedic license here. I applied for a part time medic position at AMR but its starting to cost me a pretty penny and I don't even have an interview. I received an email stating I had to come in and take a test and give them 8 pieces of information. Some I had but a few I do not. My husband is military so we do not typically get a new license wherever we go. They told me I needed an ambulance license, medical examiner card, and county cert. After its all said and done with the NREMT, getting everything switched over and then paying all the fees for everything its going to cost me around $800. My questions are:

-What is the pay of a fresh (no medic experience) paramedic?
- what is considered "part time".
-can you pick your shifts (like shift biding) or is it set schedules that they set up for you.
- how long doe sit typically take to get hired on? (I can be very persistent if need be!)