1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Southern California Pay Rates as of 4/17/19

    All wages stated are the starting paramedic pay for each division and company. I called HR directly on all of these, with the exception of Riverside County. San Diego: $19.20 (12 hr) $15.00 (24 hr) Mercy San Diego: $15.00 (all rates) Imperial is still too messed up right now. All I know is...
  2. W

    Is anyone out there happy with their AMR union contract?

    Greetings from Washington state, Let me start by saying, I love my job and what I do. Co-workers are great, supervisors are approachable and available, and the schedule has been flexible while being in college. However, overall morale and views about our company are poor, full of animosity and...
  3. TeddyTheYeti

    Pay Discrepancies on EMS1, Bureau of Labor Statistics?

    Hello Family! I was wondering if anybody else finds it strange that the MEDIAN salary reported on many of these different websites is around $35,000 or $37,000 annually. For those of us who work in Los Angeles County, our tax returns would argue differently. I am curious how these stats are...
  4. Tnaemt94

    How does EMT and medic salaries out west compare to the cost of living?

    EMS personnel are payed better out west than in the southeast. However, the cost of living out west is more expensive than that in the south. So is the pay and cost of living ratio equivalent of that in the south?
  5. emjohnson0516

    AMR San Diego questions!

    Hey ya'll! I have been living in SD for a little over a year (originally from FL) and finally did the paperwork to get my paramedic license here. I applied for a part time medic position at AMR but its starting to cost me a pretty penny and I don't even have an interview. I received an email...