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  1. 6

    NYS EMT Reciprocity Application Help!!!

    I am eligible for reciprocity because I am a 68W medic who has a current NREMT but step 4 of the application is worded awkwardly. It says to send the form "Verification of EMT Certification" to the EMS office of the state where you are currently certified or licensed along with a...
  2. J

    NY Medic looking for CA job

    Hey all I'm a medic raised and trained in the greater NYC area. I've worked in the Hudson Valley and Long Island, trained along FDNY on my field rotations. I recently moved to Pasadena and accidentally got myself hired by an international remote care company at the same time about a year ago...
  3. A

    NREMT Written First Try

    Hi, I recently pass the New York State EMT-B exam (just got my letter, took the test three week ago). I did better than I thought I was going to, getting a 92% (the average for the June 2017 exam was 82%). I'm now going for my NREMT, and have been studying on and off for the last two weeks using...
  4. CaliforniaBoy92

    911 Dispatch EMT Work In NYC or Surrounding Counties

    Hi Everyone, I'm from Los Angeles and am interested in doing 911 Dispatch EMT work in NYC or the surrounding counties (especially Westchester), and I feel completely lost. I would love it if you could provide some helpful advice on which companies do 911, how I can make myself competitive, or...
  5. A


    I've been invited to Seniorcare's interview day for a medic position. I'm curious how much I can expect to make at seniorcare as a paramedic? Also if anyonehas better suggestions as far as places to apply.
  6. K


    So for starters I'm applying to become a EMT and I live in NJ. I read somewhere that if you're a EMT in NY you can work in NJ so Should I take my classes in NY? Also I live only 20 mins away from NYC so it wouldn't be problem with transportation.
  7. 300Medic

    Administrative help.

    All, I am looking for some administrative help. The individual who was previously “running” our EMS portion of the department quit/got fired. By the looks of it I will be the lucky one doing most of the admin tasks. Can anyone provide me the requirements, such as NYSDOH 800 and CON that is...
  8. C

    emt in need of advice from all around the U.S

    hey everyone, first off if you reply to this with general knowledge of your area/city it means a lot and thank you... okay so i am a emt-b in california. min wage $10 i run 911... i am in medic school now but do not want to be a medic in california whatsoever. i am not educated on any other...
  9. Helenwhamond

    Help please

    Hi i want to study in New York for EMT, so you know somewhere I can go? I'm Argentinian