1. C

    Thread #8,175,361 About AMR

    Good afternoon y'all, I wanted to make a thread to get some specific information about working for AMR as a Paramedic in systems where they have medical authority. I have been surfing the forum for days reading up on everything, but I have a few specific questions I haven't found a clear answer...
  2. W

    TAKING NREMT COGNITIVE TEST and moving to another state.

    Hi, I'm ivan and i finished my emt course already. I also took the National skills test last thursday held at our school. However, since i'm a senior and will be moving out in a week(graduation). I haven't yet took the Cognitive test i'm wondering if i should take it now here in Minnesota, but...
  3. K

    Moving to Florida

    Hi, I am finishing up EMT certification in New Jersey right now. However, my husband just found out they need him to move to their new location in Orlando in September. Perfect timing... I can't seem to get a straight answer on reciprocity. Does anyone know what I would need to do once I...
  4. MelissaM1995

    Bringing certification to other state

    Hello, I took my classes in MA and just took my written exam Friday, assuming that I pass and I become certified I am concerned about moving to another state. I know that NREMT is a national certification but I am being faced with moving to Phoenix AZ very suddenly. I don't know how it works...