1. C


    Does anyone know about EMT reciprocity in Washington? I currently maintain both EMT and Paramedic certs elsewhere. What about challenging the Washington state EMT certification test?
  2. M

    Could I loose ability to practice?

    Ok. While going through the fire academy for AEMT I was accused of cheating on my final (I didn't) so I had a hearing and they said they think I did and i was expelled from the course and there for could not get my license or test for registry. They then said I would have to find somewhere else...
  3. Kbandd

    Reciprocity Advice

    As the title says, I was wondering how I would be able to send a Reciprocity to another state? I am only National Registered as of right now, July 20th, 2018, I haven't contacted my State EMS Board for the State Licenses just yet. I know I have to send an application, but on the application it...
  4. M

    CA Ambulance License Info

    HI, i'm new here to EMTLIFE and have a question that someone can answer *hopefully* I recently obtained my Ambulance Certification through the DMV (Here in Cali) and after looking through some ambulance company applications, I realized they look for the license. I already have all my other...
  5. P

    Can I become an EMT with an arrest record?

    5 years ago (barely 18) I was arrested for petty theft. I stole a pack of Nike socks. I had a good plea agreement in my favor due to the low severity of my "criminal act" and my case was dismissed along with my guilty plea being removed after completing community service and a shoplifters...
  6. L

    My AEMT license is under investigation for misdermeanors

    The judge alerted the EMS board of my misdemeanor convictions... One count of Stalking (Misdemeanor 1st degree) One count of harassment (Misdemeanor 3rd degree) He alse alerted the board of the DROPPED charges in addition to my penalties: 3 years probation Undergo a psych eval Do you think I...
  7. J

    Nevada State EMT-B License

    Hello, I recently finished with getting my nremt certification and I was just wondering if anyone knows how long the state takes in processing a state license in Nevada. Thanks, Jester
  8. L

    Question regarding the definition of "practice" and company licensure.

    As of right now, I am in sort of a sticky situation. I have spent several hours searching the web with little to no luck on this topic so I figured why not ask the question directly. Anyway, I recently became nationally certified through NREMT. I have applied for Arizona state licensure and...
  9. Loki Grim

    Becoming licensed in Washington state

    Hi everyone, I just passed the NREMT exam a few days ago, now I'm just a little confused about the next step. Currently I'm living in California and I'm aware of how their system works, I would need a county and state card. I'm considering moving to Washington state where their system is a...
  10. S

    different EMS licenses for Fire Departments

    I have a question regarding licenses for fire departments. My local department has a EMR license with EMT-B permit. As an EMT-B does this mean that I can practice to the full scope of my license (with regard to local SOPs) or does the fact that it's only a "permit" restrict my practice?
  11. T

    California EMT License

    hello I recently passed my EMT course, passed the NREMT, and gathered up all my documents and submitted them to the county EMS office for licensure. There, the person I submitted them to informed me that it would take 3-4 weeks for me (a new applicant) to get my license. Since that seems a...