boston ems

  1. Z

    Boston EMS Graduation

    Does anyone know whats included in the Boston EMS EMT graduation? It seems that they have somethings similar to fire depts with the mayor and others. Was wondering if anyone familiar with BEMS knows.
  2. J

    Boston Metro Area Paramedic Jobs...Best Place to Work

    Hello All - I'm a Paramedic with over 10 years of experience, I worked in a metro city EMS system as an FTO for 10 years. I just moved to the Boston area, looking for a Paramedic job for part-time or 24 hours shifts, that's why I decided not to go to Boston EMS. What are the best services in...
  3. aureatprints

    Personalized Paramedic, EMT Brushed Aluminum Station Prints

    Unique EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE prints on aluminum panel with a high gloss finish and a luminous quality. Metal printing is just that – printing on Metal. We use a special high heat sublimation process to create durable images on aluminum panels that are ready to display or hang. The...