1. J

    McCormick/Care/AMR LA county

    Hi I'm playing a game... and I have created the McCormick/AMR/Care ambulance stations in LA county. But I dont know exactly how many units are on duty in each station. Could you help me please ? Thanks PS: if the category is not appropriate, sorry and feel free to move the thread!
  2. EMTshred

    So Cal AMR Paramedic Jobs

    Been a member here for a few years now and finally got around to earning that P Card. Wanted to get some input (if possible) on peoples experience on AMR Ventura County vs. AMR San Bernardino County. Ive seen their scopes of practice, so for me living in Los Angeles , the biggest thing for me...
  3. Pickupthepieces

    AMR Question

    Can anyone tell me what AMR's part-time tuition reimbursement benefit is? Also, I know it varies by location but what can I expect for an hourly wage as a +5 year paramedic?
  4. G

    SF AMR?

    Just got a job with AMR in SF. Anybody familiar with how things are run over there? Do they do predominantly IFT with some 911 sprinkled in or what? What's their policy on station transfers?
  5. S

    Transferring to AMR - Miami

    Hello all, I just made this account because I didn't want to go posting on facebook and make this public but I'm asking for help. long story short. My boyfriend was relocated to Florida by the Coast Guard. We met at our firehouse. I current work for AMR who just bought our company but they have...
  6. AlexTheChamberlain

    Dallas Area Paramedic Pay

    As of 5/21/19. AMR Ellis County: *Highest Paid if on 12 hr (But FT can only go on 24's)* (24 hr) $13.82 (12 hr) $20.10 Annual $46K (Protocols have ketamine and PAI) AMR Arlington: (Only 12 hr shifts): $19.12 Annual $43K (Protocols are very basic. No Ketamine.) Medstar Fort Worth: *Highest...
  7. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona Certificate of Necessity

    To anyone working in Arizona, how exactly does the certificate of necessity work when there are multiple companies and agencies overlapping one area? Is there a primary agency, and the rest are backup? Or does one fire and one private ambulance show up, and fire only takes high acuity patients...
  8. AlexTheChamberlain

    Southern California Pay Rates as of 4/17/19

    All wages stated are the starting paramedic pay for each division and company. I called HR directly on all of these, with the exception of Riverside County. San Diego: $19.20 (12 hr) $15.00 (24 hr) Mercy San Diego: $15.00 (all rates) Imperial is still too messed up right now. All I know is...
  9. E

    Will AMR DQ me for driving record?

    Hey everyone, I begin my clinical time and ride alongs next month and I'm currently finishing up classes and will take the NREMT in 2 months and had a quick question. I just pulled my electronic DMV H-6 printout and I currently have 2 at-fault accidents on my record. 1 in 2016 when I was a new...
  10. P

    Schaefer Ambulance Service

    Another one bites the dust.
  11. AlexTheChamberlain

    Ellis County TX EMS

    So I recently called these guy's ops to try and find out some information, and not going to lie, it was like pulling teeth. Only thing I found out is that Ellis county does some IFT and 911, and neighboring Johnson county does only 911. As far as protocols and pay goes, I got the generic "you'll...
  12. AlexTheChamberlain

    AMR Amarillo or Collin County?

    Anyone know anything about either of these operations? Just curious about pay, reputation, IFT to 911 ratio, and how the fire dynamic is for them (like ALS or BLS, and fire takes pt lead or EMS takes lead). I already talked to Hunt county AMR which sounded nice, but the conversation didn’t go...
  13. AlexTheChamberlain

    Transporting Your Attacker, and Your Right to Refuse

    So a few coworkers of mine have been attacked by a small group of frequent flyers, who usually have no valid medical complaint, and are just looking for a ride, or sometimes they point blank say "I was just bored" when they get to the hospital. Just recently, a good friend of mine and former...
  14. K

    New EMT and Pregnant?

    It looks as if I am likely pregnant (blatantly positive home test but no blood test yet). My husband and I were 100% preventing, careful and consistent, and absolutely did NOT want this right now. This was seriously a 1 in 100 chance. However, I don’t believe in abortion and so am going through...
  15. K

    AMR Kansas?

    Hey y’all! Last week I took the entrance exam for AMR here in Kansas. I finished top 5 so I received an interview for this Friday the 9th. First off, what should I expect? I’ve done tons of interviews, and always done well. I’ve also done interviews for the largest fire department around...
  16. AlexTheChamberlain

    Tucson Area EMS?

    I've been looking into moving out to the Tucson area for a little while, and was wondering how the 911 system is set up out there. Just laying it all out: What cities does AMR cover and what cities do fire departments cover? Does AMR extend into areas of the county outside of city? Is the...
  17. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona EMS Questions? RSI and fun stuff like that?

    I’m considering moving out to Arizona, and was just curious about how you guy’s protocols are. Just going off what I’ve read, it looks like only some agencies are allowed to RSI and preform surgical cricothyrotomy. Do you guys know which one’s can and can’t RSI or surgical cric?
  18. ThinWhiteLine

    American Medical Response Ranks?

    I was wondering if AMR actually had a ranking system was searching the internet, but couldn't even find good details
  19. W

    Is anyone out there happy with their AMR union contract?

    Greetings from Washington state, Let me start by saying, I love my job and what I do. Co-workers are great, supervisors are approachable and available, and the schedule has been flexible while being in college. However, overall morale and views about our company are poor, full of animosity and...
  20. COTY21


    I have my interview with amr next Tuesday Wanted to see if anyone has any advice. I know I’m taking a quiz and skills test Any tips on what to study? It’s for Lancaster California.