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  • Things are going really well! Thanks!! I had a test in my computer class today and I made a "C" which is better than I expected, so all is good! lol How about you? Anything new and exciting in your part of the world?
    I'm good. Sorry you have been so busy. But just think, you are someone's hero tonight!! Have a good one and get some rest. :)
    No problem, believe it or not I was a Captain for a fire department (evena degree in Fire Science), so I am not against firefighters by far. As well, I was a Explorer (from Eagle Scout on) & was voted Post Advisor of the year as our posts won National honors. So I do have some experience, and although I am a strong advocate forad encouraging the youth and guiding them I learned of the dangers and risks afterwards. Alike I said, I was one too and was a great experience, but the dangers at that time was not as rabid. Still it has potential bad outcomes and did actually in my posts... years afterwards.

    It takes maturity to apologize. I respect that.

    Explore all your opportunities. Obtain your basic education prior to really locking into a major and then focus hard upon your studies. I am sure you will do well and exceed in anything that you do!

    R/r 911
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