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    What happened to Cypress Creek EMS?

    Whatever they do it won't be out here. Their names are mud in the EMS community down here.
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    I give it a lot for abdominal pain in conjunction with IV APAP. Works like a charm for suspected renal cholic or gallbladder issues. I also will use it as first line, again in conjunction with IV APAP, for probably soft tissue injuries w/out deformities.
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    EMT-Uber morale patch preorder I’ve gotsome EMT-Uber morale patches up on Etsy for preorder. They’ll be PVC with male hook and loop on the back
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    Who's fully staffed?

    I know plenty of medics who leave places like that because cost of living outpaces what they're willing to pay. Or they don't want to do it for free anymore
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    Mapping in Texas

    We use the mapping function of our MDTs. Or our phones w/ Active 911
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    The FEMA graveyard?

    Yes. When they stand up new operations, a lot of times they pull from the FEMA fleet yard. I know when I was in the first batch for ABQ, NM AMR, all of our units came from the FEMA fleet except one that came from River Medical that they watned to get rid of.
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    Exactly. I work for a city EMS dept. completely separate from the city fire or police departments. I’m a city employee with all the benefits that come with it but I get to concentrate on what I am good at, EMS only.
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    County or municipal EMS only. Also known as third service. Compared to fire based or all hazards type fire department based EMS
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    the 100% directionless thread

    That got done the morning after the call. I had made a comment that my back felt like it was on fire on the call, and my supervisor met me at our station with paperwork before I went home. He kinda lectured me about trying to not report it lol
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    Is this outdated?

    Honestly, I don't know that I'd even use that to gain a general overview of an EMT. That's horribly horribly outdated
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    Who's fully staffed?

    As of today we are short two. Monday is their first day as new grad nurses at a local hospital. But we already have two part time that are set to move up to those spots. We are kinda short part timers, but that's not too bad. At my service to promote you have to wait for someone to retire (yep...
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    EMT Insurance

    I’m a damn cell phone hero. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop to help
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    EMT Insurance

    Most of the time (and not counting Jersey and their weird laws to which I know nothing of) if you’re off duty and acting as a private citizen you’re covered by the Good Samaritan law in most states. I don’t ever do more than simple lay person first aid anyways if that, with very few and specific...
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    Off the top of my head check out Hays San Marcos EMS. They tend to hire often and are a single role service. I’ll look more in a few
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    I don’t know specifics but I know there are several city and county single role govt depts that run EMS out that way. I will do a little research when I get to my computer tonight