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    Another possible Corona virus mutation

    Wished I would had not sold my Pfizer stocks long time ago!
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    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    I agree. It all depends on the newest management style and jargon for today! We just recently have a new CEO for our statewide hospital system. We have totally overhauled the hierarchy titles, no longer directors except for those that manage multiple departments. No longer individual hospital...
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    Could EMS lead to being a PA

    I do respect and have several P.A.-C friends, I do understand their education as more towards the medical model. Twenty-five years ago, you betta! A lot of former medics pursued as well as PA schools searched for those. I now see many electing either medical school or PA school. Most without any...
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    Tulsa Area EMS

    Sorry for the delay.. I only get on here every so often unlike I used to when I worked in the field. Dependent on where in Oklahoma you are considering. There are some very good Paramedic Life Support EMS to go from ground up if you are sincere. The rural areas are wanting EMT's and many are...
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    Tulsa Area EMS

    I would closely investigate every service. EMSA is only the name of the trust that manages the EMS in both Tulsa (East) & OKC (West). AMR is the contracted server. Now; investigate that corporation. EMSA is a good service (for a large and provider) & the EMS Medical Director likes to be...
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    How much should EMS make?

    Oh no... here we go again... EMS cannot even decide within itself of what it is.. are we Safety, Public Service .. etc? Then if that is the case, this is the pay is what you have. Is EMS medical? Then if compare yourself with others within the medical community the reason many other of those...
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    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    Yes 1a) No 1b) BSN, currently in a MSN to DNP program. BS Fire Science Engineering, AS- Emergency Medical Science, AS- BSN-Nursing,
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    Paramedic School Politics?

    You are receiving some wise advice. Unfortunately, using the term "profession" needs to be redefined when discussing EMS (other than a job). Majority of those that are attracted to EMS are usually in the mid-20's to 30's ( some still are very emotionally immature). Of course no one should paint...
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    Jammed ETT Connector...Solutions?

    Check with your local RT's and those that work with vents... There are some companies that make BVM's with this neat little device to remove "jammed" ETT from the BVM's or other ventilator type devices.
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    Super-confident EMT's Vs Humble Emt's

    How ironic, I was about to post the same thing! I remember decades ago a Flight Nurse that was preparing a patient for transport from an CCU to CCU. As he was reviewing medications he noted that one of the IV med's was not mixed or correctly at the right rate. Instead of bosting and making a big...
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    A&P Slight Befuddlement

    Here is one I invented decades ago! T P M A = toilet paper my arse ;) Tricuspid-Pulmonary-Mitral- Aortic R/r 911
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    forced catheterization

    We can always improve, no one says differently. Should we be more empathetic? Definitely. At the same time our clients/patients etc. should also understand with the patient rights there are also patient responsibilities (which many forget). Yes, in the past few years it has been an issue to...
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    forced catheterization

    Time to step out the trauma bay and get a breath of fresh air... Real world... There are many so called "procedures" that are necessary to perform baseline/values to diagnose and treat. Would you not obtain lab's because the procedure is invasive and potentially cause psychological problems...
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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    The NREMT only utilizes a few resources for the test writers. The NHTSA curriculum, the AHA/ASA for cardiac, pediatric and PHTLS for trauma. Albeit that there are many text(s) and study guides; these are the only sources that are allowable for the NREMT exam. All the text(s), workbooks, study...
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    ALS CMEs for the EMT?

    Unfortunately, AHA is more focused upon "providing courses" in lieu providing quality. When ACLS was initially developed, it had meaning; you knew those that passed understood emergency resuscitation. The course was very similar to the EP edition. R/r911