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  • I can't remember where I found it, but they had all different colors and symbols. Maltese cross, SOL, biohazard, radiation, etc. I'll look around.
    We don't usually have to rescue people form the snow. ;-) since we get it every year, we are able to stay on top of keeping it cleared. The one time we had to get through to a car a county plow shoed up and blasted right through. But county plow blades are about 10 feet wide, 4 feet high and will throw snow like 50-60 feet. Yea, we know how to handle snow in Washington state. :)
    lol! well, we got about 1/4 inch last night. But it has stopped now.

    And they had y'all pulling stranded people out of cars? That sounds like a job for fire and LE not EMS. But it must be fun anyhow.:ph34r: I heard somewhere that eastern VA spent it's entire snow removal budget in one storm too.
    4x increase in call volume? Wow! You Virginians don't know how to operate in the snow I guess! lol

    And yes I want my snow back. Makes for terrible skiing when the mountain gets less than 1/10th of the usual fall. Ugh!!! Not only that, with no snowpack, we are going to have a terrible fire season. (Not that that is a bad thing. I make tons of money that way, but the general population does not like bad fire seasons. Ha ha ha!)
    Ha! So you stole all my snow this year! :)

    Errrrr.......let's see. I've been in EMS for almost 3 years now. Just got my EMT-I cert this past winter. You?
    I injured my in-step in a sparring match with someone from my own school (very akward situation)

    Happy New Years!
    Good, I've been out for while because I pretty much destroyed my foot, but I'm going back this month, I'll probably get my black belt soon. How about you?
    Wow, thats awesome. I am red/black belt in Tae Kwon Do, just months shy of black belt 1st degree, but sadly I haven't been able to go in a while. I always wanted to get into more martial arts, I really enjoy them.
    American Freestyle Karate is what my 2nd degree is in. I've got a yellow in Judo. Green in TKD. Blue(almost brown) in Shotokan... looking at starting Aikido soon. :)
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