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  • hey are you going to medic school in ventura? i'm thinking of applying to AMR in ventura as a medic once i'm done with school.
    I'm kinda scared.

    Even since I started medic class, you and I have started to... *gasp* agree on certain things!
    Hopefully, I was actually SUPPOSED to start the pre-reqs a couple weeks ago, but because I am not yet finished with the god forsaken school from hell I couldn't start and now will have to wait til like september/october or whenever the next semester starts.

    I was very angry to say the least, did a bunch of hollering and ranting to the only good instructor from that school got fired or quit, we're still unsure which... I think I might do my own skull cracking!
    We currently are so far away from it that we don't really believe we will ever get it.

    I have to take TWO classes this semster, and they are giving me crap about financial aid!
    Helllloooo! Just don't my part to fill up your profile page with useless junk!
    I would like to apologize for my actions yesterday. Bewteen you and rid, you took me off my soap box, and really gave me a lashing I had coming. Thank you for that. I hope to learn more from you and Rid.
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