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  • Today was my last day of my paramedic internship. 590 hours. I just need to do the psychomotor and cognitive NREMT exam.
    Orientation was boring. EVOC was fun. Can't wait until my field training starting 1/14.
    Oo.. I got the day off cause my preceptor called out. What to do? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........
    4th day was slow. Did one ALOC call C3 transport to hospital, and another chest pain/syncope that was AMA'ed / didn't transport.
    Day 4 of my internship in 5 hours. My goal is to be more organized and get done what needs to be done.
    3rd day of internship and froze on the 1st call of the day. SOB. :(
    Then an abdominal pain, taxi ride to the hospital for correct size colostomy bag, hypoglycemia/skipping dialysis/fall, and last call was an abdominal pain & chest pain call.
    Thanks! It took me like an hour and a half to find it! I knew what I wanted in general, but sheesh, most gif avatars you search for a freaking obnoxious! lol!
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