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  • Sadly even with the final thus week we have 2 weeks of PHTLS, internship in Feb, and final prep in Marxh. Earlest I can take NR will be late March.

    If / when I get my medic I won't vd doing Dallas anymore. Hate strictly IFT. I'll apply to MedStar, Arlington, maybe even Rockwall and Wise counties. ATCEMS would be awesome too.

    I'll accept you on fb :)
    Yes they do, as a few people in my class do it. I dont know the specifics, but I'm sure they allow you to draw it out as needed.
    Gah I can't wait till Feb when we do internships.

    Strange to think I only have 20 more days of class till tge final and half if that is over trauma.

    How long is NCTIs medic?
    Yeah it's been a while. Is Princeton 911? I'm waiting till after I get my medic to do 911

    Class is going well. I'm at the top of it and we just finished cardiology, which half the class failed lol. We've dropped 4 people and a few others are close.

    We FINALLY start clinicals next fri. My first shift is at childrens Ed. Then it's 6 weeks of hell with no sleep and driving to either Dallas or McKinney every damn day.
    Going pretty well actually, all done with ACLS and on to PALS this Saturday... clinicals start in October and my first few shifts are actually at childrens. Should be fun.

    Which school you gojng for? Collin county college?
    I know. I think you have to be there a year before they pay for school though. That's how it is here anyway. What kind of job are you wanting to get there?
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