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My name is Simon, I am based in the UK and would like to become a community first responder. I have yet to take any training but I am reading a few books and watching videos on the internet.
I have a game created by some part of the American government for EMS services to simulate real life emergencies. The game is Zero Hour Medic, which is basically a medic going around helping people. There is a part that I am stuck on though, it is START triage at an earthquake aftermath. People are sitting/laying around, some complaining or crying, some have limbs missing/protruding bones, some are dead. I have to go to each one and tag them one of the four colour cards. I am having a problem completing this task though and I think that it has to do with level of conciousness. Some of the victims talk, others are silent and looking around. Some talk but make no sense. So anyone that is not talking about specific things is either a yellow or red, as far as I know. I have a few books that go through START triage and have watched a few videos but the game is saying I am making mistakes. I understand that the game may have some issues but thought that this seems like something basic, triage requiring speed and accuracy. I was wondering if people could give their experience of START triage and their take on "carding" a patient. Thinking about it, if the woman is laying down, talking calmly but has lost her that a red?