PD on scene goading your patient. What to do?


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ppe masks can be taken off, even when restrained. the velcro on the c collar cant. there is no risk of asphyxiation, the collar covers the mouth and eyes, the nose goes through the hole for breathing. we actually learned this in my EMT class, and saw my instructor do it in the field

Just becuase you learned it in EMT class doesn't make it right! This absolutely insane, and should never be done. It reminds me of the people who like to "sandwich" patients between two back boards. Ugh.

OK, if you are worried about the patient spitting or biting here is what you do.

1. Put the c-collar on PROPERLY. It reduces ROM of the neck and the pts ability to open their mouth all the way. It makes it much more difficult for them to bite and you are using the c-collar how it is supposed to be applied.

2. Ask your company to invest in some "spit socks". They are essentially a hood made out of mesh. You can see your patient's face through the material, but they can not spit through it.

3. If you can't get those use a PPE mask, like an N95 or one of the non-N95 masks if you carry them. Using the c-collar makes it much less likely they will come off. You can always tape the ear straps to their cheeks like what is done with infants on O2.


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You mean we are not supposed to do what the moron instructor says? But, we learned it in class! It has to be correct. They would never let morons teach an EMT class!

Would they? ;)


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And the nose thing was an error in my reading. I missed the part where it said pt was restrained, i thought he was actively fighting and spitting on me.

So? Punching a pt in the face with the intention to break their nose is almost never going to be acceptable, legal or ethical.