Ok, I gotta vent...



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"u vill zubmit to zee immmobilizzzation devize amerikanski, vee huv vays oph makking u tualk, giv uzz zee paperz!"

Stevo, you're killin me! LMAO!


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emtff376 said:
Speaking of tact... I may need to get some pointers about tact and senstivity myself... Here's the scenario:

A kid took a jump at the ski area and landed on his face. Upon arrival, he could not remember what happened, had some facial trauma and had to think really hard about answering questions. So the first on guy took c-spine and we proceeded to backboard the kid. Anywho... the whole time the kid is saying "you don't have to do this" and "this is completely unnecessary", blah blah blah. My patrol director came up to the scene and told the kid to chill, but he wouldn't. "this is unnecessary, this is unnecessary". Grr...

Half way through strapping him down (we use webbing at the mountain), I had enough of his mouth. I stopped, looked him square in the face and said "do you have a job?", he said "uhh, no, I go to school". So I said "how would you like me to come to your school everyday and tell you what you're doing is unnecessary? I don't tell you how to do your job, DON'T TELL ME HOW TO DO MINE!!!" I was so pi$$ed. Then I proceeded to finished strapping him and transported him down.

Pts don't usually frustrate me, but this kid sounded like a broken record.

I worked for the Bureau of Forestry, office of Parks Safety & Education for a few years. Since we were a third-party rescue agency. Patients called 911, EMS/Fire Called us as a last resort. We were a state unit, all employees of the Bureau of Forestry. Our SAR unit was a modified power company vehicle, on tracks, set up to work in deep mud or snow. I.e. mountain rescues. Usually at the point where we arrived, the patient was with out any advanced care for a long time, so they would be Hypothermic, or in shock; and not very talkative. However, if they need to be shut up, stick something in their mouth... I.e. Thermometer, not a glass one... If they can't keep their mouth shut, threaten to stick it somewhere else... That always shuts them up.


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Say "look who's talking, looks like you just barely eeked in the doorway"

Then walk away. :p

hahahahahahahahahha...that one I have to remember.

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