Globetrotting As a Paramedic


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When you do come home, I caution is difficult to relate these stories and feelings to those who have never gone. You come back with a whole new appreciation and you cannot believe the many conveniences we have at our disposal and the amount of unhappiness/complaining which goes on by those who do not know.
Like Running Water...Lack of a Hot Shower, Lack of Fresh Produce...and you and your bag are the only 9-1-1 response.

Ah.....I would kiss the ground on every return from OCONUS. It taught me that the smallest things in the U.S are still held close in my heart.

There's nothing that will warm the Cockles when you see the Bars and Stripes flying in a distance in a foreign land .

Btw, Even though I suffered a spinal injury OCONUS I would do it all over again without hesitation.