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Florence Kentucky hiring emts/paramedics

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The fire extinguisher is not just for show

Additional information from poster on FB:
Florence is an extremely fast-growing area which has had exploding run volume the past few years. 3 stations, with running 2 engines and a 78' quint full-time, a battalion chief and 3 medic units.
Like anywhere, they are struggling to find and keep paramedics because they run 3 ambulances balancing well over 12,000 calls between them (over 13,000 and growing if my last conversation with one of their employees is correct). Their retention issue is partially due to the high volume of calls with limited organizational growth in the past decade, as well as their proximity to the state of Ohio, which has a better pension, comparable (if not higher) pay and collective bargaining rights. EMTs are a dime a dozen, but paramedics are hard to replace, and of course they want more of them to help alleviate those guys who are overburdened and cycle them (as well as newer guys) to the engines for some decompression. Plus, not everyone wants to be a fireman, sure, those people are insane, but if they want to be crushed on the ambulance, why not let them?
Adding some regional context helps show that more of it adds up than you'd think. They go to a lot of accidents with extrication, quite a few fires, and like anywhere, the main share is medical calls. Florence really is a top-notch department, and I wanted to work there for quite some time, but life called me elsewhere.
For anyone interested, there's a lot of really good men and women who work there, building a great culture despite some adversity, now would be a great time to get on board and help it grow.

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