First call as EMT-B

How well do you remember your first run?

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  • some of it

    Votes: 31 11.9%
  • most of it

    Votes: 81 31.2%
  • every detail

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Mine was an elderly man that clipped the very tip of his nose on the corner of a coffee table. He also had soiled himself. The live in caretaker asked us to assist in changing him. Once he was freshened up, he wanted to be put to bed. He gave is two thumbs up as we walked away. At the time, I felt like a million bucks.


Forum Ride Along
My first call as an EMT-I (though I hadn't yet taken final exam), was a woman in labour, as we drove on to the street we were informed by dispatch that birth was imminent. We got there and the women was waiting on the sidewalk with a midwife. As I opened the door I remember the Medic putting his hand on my shoulder and telling me to chill. She climbed in to the ambulance and gave birth immediately. I didn't have to do much except to hold the baby and carry the placenta as on this occasion it was just me and the driver transporting. After that they changed protocol to require an experienced responder on transports for women in labor.